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Mysterious Night Slot Game Kit


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Supporting Unity Version: 5.0.2 or higher
File Version: 1.0
Released on Nov 26, 2015
File Size: 75.4 MB

NOTE! This pack contains graphics only!

Mysterious night slot game kit.

This item contains well organized files


– Splash screen

– Main game

– Bonus game

– Risk game

– Cards

– Mega win

– Level up


all elements showed on the preview with alpha chanel + backgrounds + others

2-10 + J,Q,K,A (Hearts, Diamonds, Clovers, Pikes)

Animations (png sequences with 24 fps)

– icon win effect (each icon has animation)

– icon blur effect

– chest opening

– bats on a tree

– Fireflies

Game resolution 2560×1600

Fonts used:

– Forte

– Birch Std


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments

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