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Vibrant Game Soundfx Assets


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We’re avid gamers just like you. That’s why we set out to create a collection of gameplay inspired audio assets that are spot on for creating and setting an ultra engaging environment for your games or motion graphic productions. Vibrant Game is sure to become your fast and friendly go-to sound library for: 2D, 3D, mobile app, puzzle, cartoon and animated games, trivia, party or logic games, multiplayer board games, card games, arcade and scroller style games.

At the core, it’s a sound library designed to eliminate long cycles of audio production and laborious sound design. With Vibrant Game, speed-up your workflow by an x-factor when you use these game ready RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box) sounds, FX and loops. Easy to integrate into your preferred game engine, the Vibrant Game SFX collection includes all sound files in high fidelity 96k 24bit resolution plus 44.1k 16bit files. Drop them straight into your DAW or game engine project and you’re ready to go.

Sounds are inspired by hit app games like Bejeweled and Color Switch. You’ll immediately find a bank of lovable game sounds that users will recognize, enjoy and connect with. Colorful comedic sounds, musical cues hits and loops, to item pick-ups high energy alerts and notifications. Awards, level-ups, and treasure unlocks. 500+ files and includes Soundminer metadata.

Vibrant Game sound effects library is one of the latest installment in Epic Stock Media’s popular series of game genre sound libraries: Ancient Game, Retro Game, Mobile Game, , Builder Game, Puzzle Game, Fantasy Game, and Fantasy World (loops). All designed to make your audio life easier and faster with market leading quality and creativity, at an unquestionable value. Get Vibrant Game today, and land your project in the happy zone of sound effects and audio experiences.

Products Details:

  • 503 files in 96k 24bit resolution
  • Plus all files in 44.1k
  • Game award item collects
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Background and lobby loops
  • Musical cues, musical hits
  • Cartoon movements
  • Clicks and button sounds
  • Taps, tabs, and slides
  • Funny chirps, dings, and doinks
  • Object hits and bumps
  • Opens and treasure unlocks
  • Positive pick-ups, wrong moves
  • Specials and power-ups
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